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Psychedelic Puzzle Factory Kegs

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Style: Bumbleberry Custard DIPA

ABV: 8.1%

Tasting Notes

Brewers do a lot of solving for X and putting together pieces to make big pictures. Which brings us to the first question: what exactly is a bumbleberry? It’s an imaginary berryism, and our kind of nonsensical fruit improvisation. Our cravings took this late summer mix of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries (and any other berry in abundance) and pieced it together with creamy memories of velvety frozen custard in our latest signature seasonal Double IPA. Psychedelic Puzzle Factory features ripe blueberry and juicy blackberry purée swirled with creamy lactose, real vanilla beans, and loads of fruity Mosaic and Idaho7 hops fitted with a touch of hibiscus for a pretty summer sunset hue to create a custardy DIPA treat. A great activity for hours of brewhouse fun-- with extra mind games included!


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Number of Servings, Dimensions & Weight 

20L Keg
12oz Servings: 55
Size: 23" tall x 9" diameter
Weight: 60lbs  

30L Keg
12oz Servings: 84 
Size: 23" tall x 11" diameter
Weight: 90lbs 

58.6L Keg
12oz Servings: 165 
Size: 23" tall x 16" diameter
Weight: 160lbs