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Grand Terrestrial Rhapsody Pineapple DIPA Kegs

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Style: Pineapple Double IPA

ABV:   8.1%

Tasting Notes

We love our revels with seasonal double IPAs featuring artful additions and creative hopping in these fun, bigger profile beers.

Grand Terrestrial Rhapsody features the body of a big DIPA made joyous and soulful with tropical pineapple intensified with the  fruit-forward, hop-showcasing Foggy London yeast in a fresh, rapturous haze.   Dig Nelson Sauvin (a hop, not a dude) with muscat grape notes and a bohemian attitude. Infused with tropical flavours of Galaxy, another hop friend with a cool name, and earthy layers of grapefruit-bright Idaho 7 (who is a little dank, but not dirty), pails of pineapple purée add to the rapture of this exuberant double IPA.

The enlightened know: Where there are hops, there is Love.

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Number of Servings, Dimensions & Weight 

20L Keg
12oz Servings: 55
Size: 23" tall x 9" diameter
Weight: 60lbs   

30L Keg
12oz Servings: 84 
Size: 23" tall x 11" diameter
Weight: 90lbs  

58.6L Keg
12oz Servings: 165 
Size: 23" tall x 16" diameter
Weight: 160lbs