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Flying Monkeys 20QT Industrial Cooler

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 We searched the world to find the most indestructible, feature-rich craft beer cooler ever made. Basically, we wanted a cooler to perform for our Sales Team that was flights of steps up from a Sobeys’ grocery bag.  We wanted one that was big yet manageable, and premium but not break-the-bank.  This cooler needed to hold ice for days and have a little space for our Brewery name, and it needed all the bells and whistles to go off-road and off-the-grid (because that’s fun).  We wanted a craft beer cooler even better than a Yeti, the gold standard of high-end coolers, that didn’t make us go into debt to acquire a fleet of them. WE FOUND IT!

Formed in PMS 114 electric yellow, our aesthetically designed cooler uses rotomolding technology providing the next level of durability and exceptional impact resistance. We’ve tried sitting on it, kicking it, punching it, dropping it, and whacking it with a baseball bat. Simply put, our cooler is indestructible and ultra-resilient while maintaining ergonomic perfection. We have found so many other uses as well. We’ve used it as a nightstand, step ladder, lawn ornament, outhouse, even a hat. Can it be used to transport organs? We don't know ... but if you try it, let us know. 

The super thick industrial lid is manufactured from the densest polyurethane foam plastic available. The over-sized sealing gasket ensures the lid and body provide a leakproof and air-sealed barrier guaranteeing your beverages remain frigid for 3-plus days.  Plus, it can be used to store hot food preserving the heat just as well as the cold. Our easily accessible, hulking-sized pressure relief valve provides an easier opening experience when the ambient air pressure outside is different than the interior of the cooler. The ergonomically designed, adjustable handle will bring comfort to every sized person and every length trip no matter the distance. We are serious about this cooler.

Need to secure your food from polar bears as you travel across arctic plains? Not a problem, our feature-packed cooler comes with heavy-duty rubber T-latches and a provision for security padlocks (padlocks not included). With multifunctional intelligence built-in, the stainless-steel locking plates can also be used as bottle openers.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Our anti-slip lid surface is molded with a built-in ruler for measuring the length of any object (like a fish!)  in both centimeters and inches. Discretely housed in the bottom of the cooler are four non-slip, rubber feet so you can count on full stability even in the most turbulent environments. And, at the end of your voyage, when it's time to drain your cooler, the large drain plug provides a whirlpool flow to rapidly eject remaining water and melted ice. With a 5-year warranty, our cooler is simply fucking awesome!

Limited quantity

Volume: 20QT/18.9L
Storage Capacity: 24 x 355ml or 20 x 473ml Cans (with ice on top)
Note: For best results always pack ice on top after packing beverages.
External Size: 22” x 13” x 15”  
Internal Size: 14" x 10" x 8"
Weight: 6.9kg

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