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Reapers & Mowers Dark Lager Kegs

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Style: Dark Lager

ABV:   5%

Tasting Notes

Easy on the palate and pleasing to the eye, dark lagers are great for the novice craft beer drinker or seasoned expert.  Orderly yet mysterious with striking presence in the glass, urge new folks to give this style a try –it will never disappoint!

With a black body and tan head, this beer is truly oxymoronic. Surprisingly light-bodied for an ebony beer with moderate carbonation similar to a pilsner, this dark lager can be quaffed like any cold refreshing beer on a hot day. Raven-bodied, the clean bones of this dark libation rise with fresh ease. Sly hints of coffee and cocoa lurk in the shades of malt with decisive cuts of hoppiness on the clean and final finish.

Darkly smooth and easy as the slip to the Beyond …meet the Reaper drinking deeply fully & living well. 


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Number of Servings, Dimensions & Weight 

20L Keg
12oz Servings: 55
Size: 23" tall x 9" diameter
Weight: 60lbs  

30L Keg
12oz Servings: 84 
Size: 23" tall x 11" diameter
Weight: 90lbs 

58.6L Keg
12oz Servings: 165 
Size: 23" tall x 16" diameter
Weight: 160lbs