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Theatre of Madness 6%

Regular price $11.88

Style: Pumpkin Lager

ABV:   6%

Tasting Notes

Again, the spectre of pumpkin beers lured us to stage this bizarre incarnation of the unexpected in --oh, Madness!-- in a lager.  Brewed featuring Pureed Pumpkin, co-starring the trio of Cinnamon, Allspice & Nutmeg, and orchestrated with a creamy dollop of Lactose, the depth of this haunting lager performance captivated our Brewhouse with its eerie drama. Don’t let the alluring levity of a 6% abv deceive you – the interdimensional energy of this brew is anything but mundane.  Fresh, inviting winks of malty sweetness introduce seductive spice and rich pumpkin in a lager realm that traps you in the madness of the whole performance -- and no one escapes. How could a friendly lager become so fiendish? 

Normal is weird. Paranomal is weirder. This is just Madness.

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